What are the Aims of Education According to Realism?

The aim of education according to realism is to give to the pupil a complete knowledge and understanding of human society human nature, motives and institutions. Education must explain to the pupil how he is related to the world of man and to the world of nature.

The purpose of this explanation is to enable the pupil to adjust himself in the environment in which he must live. Rabelais, a realist, says that the aim of education is “the formation of a complete man, skilled in art and industry,” the development of the whole man, physically, morally, intellectually.

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To Milton, another realist, education should prepare for actual living in a real world when he writes: “I call, therefore, a complete and generous education that which fits a man to perform skillfully, justly, and magnanimously all the offices, both private and public, of peace and war.” In other words, it may be said that according to realism the aim of education is not to produce a scholar or a professional man, but to produce a man of the world of affairs.

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Education should provide to the pupil and insight with the help of which he may make sensible choices and decisions in order to lead a successful and pleasurable life.

Realism wants that the natural tendencies and activities of the child should not be repressed and that the child should be helped to develop up to his utmost perfection so that he may control the natural environment to his best advantage.


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