The followings are non-patentable inventions as per the Act

A patent is a monopoly right for invention of a new and user, article or an improvement of an existing article or a new process of making- an article. It consists of an exclusive right to manufacture the new article invented or manufacture an article according to the invented process for limited period. Anybody can use the invention after expiry of the patent term.

Non-Patentable Inventions:

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The followings are non-patentable inventions as per the Act.


1. Frivolous inventions.

2. Contrary to law, morality, or injurious to public health.

3. Mere scientific principle or abstract theory.

4. New property or new use of known substance.


5. Admixture substance.

6. Arrangement or rearrangement or duplication of features of known Method of Agriculture or Horticulture.

7. Process of treatment of human beings or animals.

8. Inventions relating to Atomic Energy.


9. Plant or animal as a whole or in part (other than micro­organisms) including seeds, varieties and species and their production or propagation.

10. India’s traditional knowledge (ITK).

11. Computer program or algorithms.

12. Discovery of any living thing or non-living thing substance occurring in nature.

13. A literary, dramatic, musical or artistic creation whatsoever| including cinematographic works and television production.

14. Presentation of information.

15. Topography of integrated circuits.

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