Short Summary of “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

‘The Road Not Taken’ is written by one of the famous poet, Robert Frost. Robert was an American poet and he is well known for depicting rural life situations into poetic forms. He has been awarded several times for his works, including the ‘Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry.’.

His first poem was ‘My Butterfly’ which was published in 1894. Later in the year 1of 915, Frost started his career as a writer and never had to turn back. Along with his poetry, he did teaching in American schools.

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Robert Frost
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Frost is an exceptional writer. He had an extraordinary talent to express the actions of ordinary men in their actual form so much that in some of his poems, you could understand so well what the world seemed to a man.


“The Road Not Taken” is one among the great poems by Frost, which depict how an individual thinks over a decision taken many years ago.

This poem illustrates how one could get stuck to decide which road to travel at a fork point and even though both the roads look similar, he decided to travel through one road that seems to be less travelled, thinking that he could travel the other road at some other time.

The initial of the poem looks to be a very casual outlook by the traveler, till the mid way and eventually after choosing up the road, over a period of time he thinks about how it would have been if he would have taken the other road. This resembles real life scenario as most of the time, when held up in confusion, decisions taken are very crucial and sometimes we opt to take up the road less travelled.

The sigh, which is felt in the poem, shows regret in the decision made at that point of time. The poet says that even though both the roads looked alike in almost all the ways, he chose to travel the road that was less travelled. This has marked a turning point in his life, which over a period of years, he regrets the decision made and wish what would have happened if he had travelled the other road.


A study shows that this poems portraits the human tendency to turn back and blame the mirrors of life for the events that have happened in life and always wonder, what would have happened, if travelled on the other road or they could make more meaning of things in life, than they deserve.

Frost says that according to him ‘the sigh was a private jest at the expense of others who might think, he would live to be sorry for the way he was.’


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