Short Summary of “Daddy Fell into the Pond” By Alfred Noyes

Alfred Noyes was an English poet. He published his first book of poems in 1902 and in the years from 1903 to 1913 he published another five more volumes of his poetry.

However, Noyes is often portrayed by hostile critics as a loyalist and militarist. It was during the World War I that Noyes published his anti-war poem ‘ The Wine Press’ and have received many critics by famous poets at that time. His all time best anti-war poem is ‘The Victory Ball’ was published in 1920 in The Saturday Evening Post.

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In 1929, Noyes published his first of the three novels,’ The Return of the Scare-Crow’ which is a light hearted story which involves adventure, Comedy and lampoon. It was in 1952, in the book for children by Noyes, he wrote the poems, “Daddy fell into the pond.” The title has remained a favorite for children since then.


The poem Daddy fell into the Pond is a simple and yet sweet poem, that entertains both children and adults at the same time. Any person who reads the poem would be at a smile by the end of the poem. It shows the love of a father and how innocent the children are and how a father would do anything, just to see his kids being happy.

The poem is split into three stanzas. The first stanza gives a clear clarity that the children and all other family members were all feeling bored and as such there was nothing great to be done on that day. Nobody had anything to do or anything to talk about and the day was just passing by like any other boring day and that is when suddenly, they all hear, Daddy falling into the pond.

The second stanza portrays the immediate reflexes of the members of the family when Daddy falls into the pond. Some are merry, some laugh over, some gets so excited that they shout at each other to get the camera for a natural click and above all, the dog in the house, Timothy dances out of pure ecstasy. Just a fall by Daddy into the pond, could create such great ripples of joy around, that he has been clicked at several posses of his climbing back from the pond.

The third stanza talks about the gardener who suddenly slaps his knees coz, he was lost in this commotion and he was just getting back from it. He shakingly stood up from the laughter and the ducks quaked as though they were in a draft and being moving. The entire sound sounded like an old drake laughing around with such big noises.


The last few lines says that, when Daddy fell into the pond, there was not a single things that did not respond to that fall and in turn Daddy made everybody’s day more enjoyable that by sitting idle and having nothing to do.

Daddy fell into a pond is said to kids, when they either fall or when they accidentally hit on something and to get the embarrassment out, one could hear the small giggles and laughs that come out naturally. Such is the effect of the poem, which is so true and simple in words.


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