Short Speech on Religion and Sects

Some narrow-minded people show unnecessary opposition by comparing religion with sects. We should clearly understand the meaning of religion and sects. Religion is taken in the wider sense which means spiritual development of human society through the welfare of mankind.

In other words, religion means human religion which every society is prepared to accept. A sect (belief) is a specific religious viewpoint of a group of persons. That is the individual belief of the persons of that group, based on the wider values of religion.

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It is not necessary for other sects to accept that belief. Hindu religion accepts the opinion of Vedas, Islam that of the Quran and Christians of Bible.

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Islam Dharm has its origin from the word ‘Salm’. ‘Salm’ means peace which has been interpreted as knowing God peacefully and surrendering the self before Him. This is the true nature of Islam. Whenever someone seeks the shelter of God, forgetting his vanity and pride, he attains all-round development and divinity radiates from his personality.

In Christian religion Christianity was formed from the word ‘christos’ which means bathed in Divine wisdom’. Thus Christianity extends that divine wisdom which creates brotherhood, love, sympathy and tolerance in the human society.

Vedic religion is based on Vedas. Ved’ means “knowledge’. Hence Vedic Dharm means the scientific knowledge, which by recognising the existance of ‘Inner Self and ‘Supreme Self, i.e., ‘Antaratma’ and ‘Parmatma’, develops human qualities like non-violence, truth, humanism, love and compassion, etc.


Thus religion is a source of morality. Science can be of great help in this direction, but science devoid of religion is meaningless. Religion is all-pervading and universal. So it should be included in education.


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