Short Paragraph on Ethnic Diversities of India

Short Paragraph on the Ethnic Diversities of India.

The present day population of India is an outcome of a very long process of peopling of the sub­continent. Human groups with different ethnic backgrounds have entered the region at different points of time. Their immigration, their settlement in India and later movement within the country have led to a high degree of intermingling between the various ethnic and cultural streams.

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The ethnic and cultural diversities displayed by the Indian population today have acquired their distinguishing traits through this process of social intermixing. The present day population of India is the result of a long process of peopling of the Indian Sub-continent.

India is a land of diversities and the diversities pertain not only to physical aspects but they also occur in the social fabric. The social diversity in the country can be observed in terms of various religions, caste groups, languages and the structure and distribution of population. In terms of population India ranks second in the world. India is the home of 16 per cent of the world’s population.

The country however accounts for 2.42 per cent of the total world area. Thus the manpower resource of the country is quite large but it is not much developed as the rate of literacy (one of the criteria selected to evaluate the quality of manpower resources) is quite low.


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