Short Essay on the Importance Public Participation in Public Administration

We frankly admit, or not relish or disdains have come to find a place and exercise a great role in determining the policy formulation and decision-making in local government institutions. Parties alone can supply strength required for effective and efficient working of democracy.

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Since the government of the country is like one organic whole and thus authorities at all levels can be interlinked by them. They not only arouse interest in local elections by organizing the electorate and stimulating it to a realization of its public duty but also crystallize issues for popular judgement.


Apart from the above factors, certain other modes to arouse public participation can be exhibitions, lectures and visits, the inter school quiz on local affairs, the welcome of citizenship and films etc. But unless the present well known apathy and indifference of the public to its own local affair is stopped, the public administration may not truly become public.

If we seek people’s participation in the administration then the common man in the street should have all the chance and opportunity to say what he wants. And administration should have the effective machinery to scrutinize each demand of the common man and then to decide as to how best it could be given effect. The emphasis should be more on how to accept it. And rejecting a popular wish should be an exception to be fully justified on adequate grounds.

As a direct corollary, the best way to have it is to encourage the people to write even their personal wishes to the government. On government part, it is very necessary to send acknowledgment or to reply to each correspondence of the public.

It is not a good practice to discourage people by saying that a particular minister receives ten thousand letters in a day. Having done it, the next stage is to make the administration representative.


Some people are already advocating a cause for representative bureaucracy. But it cannot be on the pattern of legislature. It has to compete for knowledge and efficiency. The best way to do it is to make the education free and compulsory. After sometime there will be no need to offer special treatment to any section because sufficient number of people will be available to make the bureaucracy representative.

Another important step would be to ask the people to be vigilant on the process of administration.

It is impossible for the vigilance staff of the government alone that often needs vigilance of the people themselves, to cope with numerous situations where the administration and its officers go lax. If every voter is encouraged to report to the administration about it, this will be the most effective way to run a good administration.