Short essay on how to Become a good Writer

Free sample essay on how to Become a good Writer. Some students want to become writers. They read classical novels in Tamil, English or any other language and they dream of becoming writers.

Some students want to become writers. They read classical novels in Tamil, English or any other language and they dream of becoming writers.

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Writing and writing continuously makes a writer more and more refined. If you survey the writings of a great writer there may be a marked change from his early writing to his writing in his mature years. You become a better and better painter as you paint more and more pictures and you become a better and better writer as you write more and more.

Besides the regional language writers there are persons writing in English. Even students write poems in English. There are many Indians writing books of essays, biographies and even novels in English. Some novelists writing in English have won world acclaim. Arundhati Roy, an Indian novelist writing in English, has won some national and international awards. There are many novelists writing in English.

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Read good books daily and improve your vocabulary. You can have a dictionary by your side and as you come across a new word you can understand its meaning by consulting the dictionary. Never read a book without understanding every word or expression used in it.

If you want to become a writer you can write essays and poems and send them to various newspapers and magazines. They may be rejected initially. But go on writing and sending your articles to the newspapers and magazines. One day your article will be published. You get recognition. Your future articles may be considered for publication as you have already gained recognition. Perseverance pays.


An actor, a painter, a writer or a businessman knows that he has to make more and more efforts to succeed in life. There is no better way to achieve recognition than to persevere. Today you may be unsuccessful, tomorrow you may be successful. This is the law of life.

Art is creativity and creativity is an, embellishing you’re writing with choice words, expressions and phrases lend a rare charm to your message. An inspired writing is a writing that is an effusion from the inmost depths of your being. It has the radiance of your mind, heart and soul. Some inspired poems echo the profound sentiments of the whole humanity and so they become the precious heritage of humanity. The author of these ever fragrant, unfiltered, poems has an all-time relevance. Some of you may leave for posterity the sublimes poems.

Try your skill in writing and hold on to your craft perseveringly and polish and refine your thoughts, your style and let your message be clear and resounding. Clarity is the hallmark of good writing. You may try to be ornate as you become mature and mature. Style is the man and you will reveal your individuality in your style, in your expressions and in your messages.


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