Short essay for kids on World Book Fair

Free sample essay for kids on World Book Fair. Each generation of man dies but its thoughts and knowledge that pass from age to age are faithfully kept.

We have, today, the great epics in the form of scriptures and literature. Books are cultural objects and our minds are molded by the books we read. Young minds acquire knowledge and wisdom by reading great books.

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In this age of conflict and cultural crisis, mankind should use all its intellectual wealth available, to overcome the maladies. Plenty of reading material about world culture should be made available to all world communities. If we want to train our nations to think in terms of the welfare of humanity as a whole, we should encourage people to read more. Book fairs are organised worldwide to make the public aware of the new frontiers of knowledge.

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Book fairs bring the authors and readers close to each other. Great masterpieces and rare books are sold at concessional rates. By making it attractive, a book fair creates awareness in those who don’t read habitually. Parents and teachers should insist that children read more books.

A visit to a book fair will give them an insight into the world of intellectual power. To make the growing unity of the world possible, development of psychological health is essential. Book fairs can contribute in bringing harmony among different cultures and encourage goodwill and tolerance.


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