Sample Speech on ‘Corruption in India’ (491 Words)

Corruption in India is a major issue and adversely affects its economy. There is no department of government or semi-government where a legitimate work can be got done without bribery. If you grease the palm of the person handling your work, you can get your work done within the shortest time.

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Poster On India Against Corruption”/>


But if you do not, it is hard for you to get it done perhaps even in one or two years’ time. Today even the Prime Minister bribes the M.P’s or M.L.A’s to favour his/her party or bring down the government of the other party in a state.

Similar is the case with the Chief Ministers. They go on expanding their cabinet members only to remain in the saddle. The opponents bribe Chief Minister’s supporters to bring him down. The cases are won in the courts by bribing the judges. The culprits are let loose by the police. The poor who have not money to bribe are the loser in every sphere. The rich prove tyrant to them by bribing the agencies of law. Thus, they suffer injustice and tyranny both.

“Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.”? John Steinbeck

A recent survey found out more than sixty percentages of Indians had experience of paying bribes or influence peddling to get jobs done in public offices successfully. India ranked 95th among 178 countries in corruption perception index.

There are many cause of corruption but the chief among them are:-


1) Demoralizing of the character in general due to the centuries old slavery

2) Post independence leaders could not maintain the high integrity of the days of struggle

3) Education system started by foreigners still continues. That could have no moral content in it.

4) Rapidly rising prices forced every man to earn as much as he could


5) Highly complex taxation and licensing system

3) Great number of government department with no transparent bureaucracy, monopoly of government on different good and services.

The citizens of India are the one suffering because of the corruption. Part of their earning is lost in paying taxes and bribing the government.

Everyday other day the government is increasing the taxes on various commodities. Various scandal of government shown by media such as Billions of Indian money in Swiss bank shows how the money of citizen is used for once own personal purpose.

No project undertaken by government have ever been completed on time be it construction of roads, highways, buildings or airport. Everyday our government comes up with a new excuse of why the projects are delayed. There are many construction project that should have been completed by the year 2011 are still on process.

DLF scandal and 2G scandals show the greed and inefficiency in the system of our Government. We Indian citizen need to protest against the wrong doings of the government and vote for someone who will eradicate the roots corruption in our country.


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