Salman Rushdie essay

For many years, school textbooks and other various kinds of scientific and encyclopedic publications with a fair amount of contempt and undisguised derogatory irony informed the then Soviet readers that the word “ISLAM” in Russian means “humility, obedience, obedience.”

At the same time, by direct and indirect ways, it was “proved” wrongly, as if:

“… and in fact, such a name is not accidental at all; ISLAM is really nothing more than a religion of subservience, mutual oppression and comprehensive deprivation …”

Today, by the will of fate, seizing the opportunity to tell the truth, we have the right to rightly clarify that in reality the name of the last of the world religions means: “… surrendering to the Will of the Most High Allah, surrendering yourself to the Power of Allah, subjugation of the human soul by the Greatness of Allah, the transition to the side of Allah , unquestioning (in extreme cases, feasible) obedience to Almighty Allah, trust in His Will …. ”

The reason and basis for such submission is IMAN – a prudent and sincere faith in the existence of One Allah and the prophetic mission of 124 thousand of His Messengers.

The opposite of faith (IMAN) is KUFR (disbelief). The worst kufr is the blasphemous denial of the above truths.

Kufr necessarily entails monstrous moral and material consequences, first of all, for the unbelievers / infidels themselves.

People who have never known in any way in their lives the true faith and are in unbelief are regrettable. About them we can say that they received kufr by inheritance. And the only way of salvation for them is certainly only true faith in Allah!

Despite the perniciousness of various forms of unbelief / kufr / religion of Islam in every possible way rejects violent methods of conversion.

Islam does not accept physical coercion as a means of disseminating ideological conviction. Islam is fundamentally not characterized by artificial methods of planting religion.

However, you should definitely specify two exceptional cases:

1. The ideological or physical / direct or indirect / aggression of the adherents of kufr / kafirs / against the holy religion of Islam.

2. Acceptance by kufr of catastrophic proportions, fraught with tragic consequences for the stray / kafirs themselves, and, ultimately, for all mankind.

Despite the danger of kufr for world civilization, from the point of view of Islam, there is an event that is much worse than it! This is apostasy /irtidad/…t.E. falling away from the True Faith, self-sacrifice of self out of faith in ignorance!

Its essence is as follows: any person who has reached the age of majority and who has a sound mind has the moral right to join the bosom of Islam / i.e. to believe in the One Allah, the Lord of the worlds and his Honorable Holy Prophets, His messengers.

All this happens purely voluntarily, without the presence of the slightest element of violence …

Further, a person who has believed can only be convinced of the advantage of faith over unbelief and experience the charms of faith, i.e. the right choice in this case is obvious.

For all this, the transition from Islam to kufr is actually a violation of the truth and, from the point of view of elementary logic, should be regarded only as folly.

Allah the Great in the Holy Quran / 2-217 / proclaimed:

“… And if any of you falls away from your religion and dies unfaithful, they are vain / useless / all their good deeds in the present and future / afterlife / life! They are the eternal inhabitants of fire / underworld /!”.

By renouncing Islam, an apostate / apostate / challenges Islam, casts doubt on the truth of faith in One Allah, restrains the desire of those who wish to enter Islam, and insults the good feelings of believers.

At the same time, according to the legal norms of Islam in such cases, the causes and roots of the act must be investigated. The erring person carefully and reasonably proves the fallacy of his arguments. An attempt is made to guide him on the path of faith, it is proposed to make repentance / tovbe /. If the perpetrator requires this, then he is even given a certain amount of time to think.

The centuries-old experience of psychological analysis shows that such acts usually involve such reasons as material interest, a thirst for fame / “Herostratic Glory” /, a tribute to fashion, fear of blackmail, etc. All these factors are purposefully and treacherously used in the insidious plans of the enemies of Islam.

Now, before declaring what punishment awaits the apostate, we will briefly outline what the punishment system in Islam is like (?).

It is designated by the term hoodi (singular: hadd) and in translation means: “measure, limit, border, boundary, norm.” Its theoretical background is as follows …

In every area of ​​Allah’s life, the boundaries of what is permitted are drawn for Muslims. For those who violate the ideological and moral limits or, in other words, violate the laws revealed by the Lord, All-Merciful Allah, in the name of salvation, both the criminal himself and his contemporary society, has established physical / material / boundaries; those. punishment system.

The purpose of punishment in Islam is the suppression of a crime, the erection of a barrier to it, the destruction of a socially dangerous phenomenon in the bud.

Paradoxically! … while unbridled and unreasonable violence is condemned and rejected by Islam as a way of asserting faith and justice, on the other hand, a slender, elegant and well-regulated repressive-executive coercive mechanism in Islam is one of the main elements of Muslim life support and the manifestation of God’s Grace to the ummah!

Hoodood system protects religion from any kind of aggression and encroachment. She helps people fight with the Shaytan (Satan) and follow the path of Allah. The only source for the formation of this system were: the Holy Quran sent down by Allah, first of all, and the sayings of the Great Prophet – hadiths.

Therefore, only Islamic lawyers (phagihi), i.e. spiritual authorities who are fluent in the Qur’an, Hadith and Islamic law (fig).

So, according to Islamic canons, the death penalty for a man, and life imprisonment for a woman are a punishment for an apostate who refused to repent.

There is another, more terrible crime for a Muslim! This is an insult to the holy honor of the Prophet (sebb)!

Islamic jurists have determined that it can be expressed in the following forms:

Presentation of / false and insolvent / accusations against the Prophet / sui-itti /;

A false statement about the alleged vices and shortcomings of the Prophet / ta’yib /;

A deliberately distorted description of the appearance of the Prophet / sui-tahrif /;

A grin at the address of the Prophet / ishikhza /;

Foul language in relation to the Prophet / shetm / …

any of these or other manifestations of sebba must be punishable by death.

This is the verdict of scholars of all time … The founder of one of the 5 law schools in Islam – Malik ibn Anas / may Allah rest his soul / in a specific situation excitedly declared to the arrogant Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid: “How can the existence of Muslims continue after the existence of Muslims “do evil tongues reach their Prophet? Anyone who offends the Prophet must be killed!”

The opinion of scholars of all times is also unanimous, and that a hundred Muslims, who insulted the Immaculate Holy Honor of the Prophet and do not feel remorse, leave the fold of Islam and become an apostate / apostate /.

Now, after theoretical calculations, having a certain idea of ​​the Sharia legal norms in case of apostasy and insulting the Prophet, we will be transferred to the past for several years.

Since … 1989, the world information system, which is skillfully conducted by the “invisible maestro” wand, suddenly and instantly informed the world about the preparation for publication in the London Penguin publishing house of an extraordinary publication of previously unheard-of audacity.

It was called “Satanic verses” / meaning the verses of the Quran / in this truly satanic book, the life and activities of the Prophet, as well as the history and sources of the origin of Islam, were “described”.

Religion of Islam and its Fundamentals – The Holy Quran is recognized by the revelation of Satan.

The prophetic mission of the Great Prophet of Islam is rejected.

The holiest person of the Prophet and members of his purest Family is slandered and insulted.

Approximately in these 3 theses the divine essence of an unclean book is set forth.

Of course, slandering a religion that zealously defends the unity of the Supreme Lord and honors all messengers of God without exception, this is a blasphemy against all religions and the Lord God himself!

In support of the foregoing, I would like to cite an excerpt from the 3rd section of the Declaration on the Relationship of the Church with Non-Christian Religions of October 28, 1965, adopted by the Vatican Ecumenical Council:

“The Church respects Muslims who worship the one God, the living, and the existing, merciful and omnipotent, the Creator of heaven and earth, who spoke to people. They strive with their whole being to obey His hidden precepts, as Abraham / Ibrahim /, to whom God obeyed Muslim faith eagerly erects itself.

They, although they do not recognize Christ as God, venerate him as a Prophet, they honor his immaculate mother Mary, sometimes reverently invoking her. Moreover, they chant the Doomsday, when God will repay all risen people. Therefore, they highly value moral life and glorify it, especially with prayer, alms and fasting … ”

Recall that such benevolent remarks belong to the Catholic Church, which for centuries has been opposed to Islam and has more than once inspired the crusades against it!

Therefore, it is precisely here (!) That there can be no talk of bias in favor of Islam; all the above arguments are more than objective!

As expected, the vile slander of S. Rushdy provoked a violent response in all countries of the world / from England, the USA and ending with countries of Africa, Southeast Asia /, where Muslims expressed their angry protest through rallies, pickets, and demonstrations. A number of these demonstrations in Turkey, India, the countries of the Arab East, and even in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan ended in bloody clashes with the power structures of the authorities. And in the hometown of the apostate, in which he was born and raised, 8 demonstrators died in massive street clashes with the police, demanding to wash away the shame they inflicted – the death of Salman Rushdie!

Without a doubt, the non-Muslim scientific and political community of the world, out of purely humane considerations, was critical of the terrible provocation of the enslavers of humanity.

Meanwhile, Islamic scholars from all over the world are thinking about how to respond to the seething Islamic Ummah / Muslims of the world /, requiring the punishment of Rushdi to his inspirers and intercessors. As a matter of fact, the pronouncement of the sentence itself was not particularly difficult for the Ulema, for, as the readers of the above have shown in the Sharia on this occasion, everything is quite clearly and extremely clearly formulated. The difficulty was this …

Firstly, the imposition of this verdict on the fact of heresy on a global scale falls within the competence of ul-l-amr – the fakih recognized as an undeniable authority by the entire Islamic Ummah as a whole (i.e., the planetary community of Muslims).

None of the ulema of the globe, quite rightly, not risking taking responsibility to be considered the indisputable authority for the Muslims of the world, did not dare to speak first on this subject.

Secondly, there is no and cannot be the slightest doubt or disagreement among the ulama on the subject of fatwa about death / and on this account / for a citizen of a foreign (and also nuclear) state – the Kingdom of Great Britain, especially since it is practically protected by other superpowers, it turned out to be extremely difficult and beyond the power of not one of the respected ulama of modernity.

In such a situation, the then spiritual leader of the Islamic Iran immediately declared fatwa, proclaimed and recognized as the leader of the oppressed and destitute Muslims of the whole world, the late Imam Khomeini.

The fatwa says:

“In the name of the Most High!

“We are all truly / come / from Allah and verily will return to him.”

All honest / diligent / Muslims should urgently execute the author of the book “Satanic verses”, who wrote and distributed this book against the Prophet, Islam and the Qur’an, as well as multiplying and distributing it, who know its contents.

I ask honest Muslims to carry out the execution anywhere wherever they meet them. All this in the name of so that others could not dare to insult the shrines of Muslims. Everyone who dies on this path / may the Will of Allah be on it / become a martyr / holy martyr /.

Anyone who knows the author’s place, but does not have the power to kill him, let him inform the Muslims so that the culprit finds his punishment.

May Allah send His Greetings, Mercy and Grace to you …

Ruhulla al-Musavi al-Khomeini. 11/25/1367 / 02/14/1989 / ”

As you can see, this laconic and god-fearing fatwa does not contain any crime in terms of violation of human rights.

In general, it should be recalled that in Islam all insults to individuals are prohibited. And even if a death sentence is passed against someone according to Sharia, this does not mean that his personality can be insulted. For the death sentence is nothing but the limit established by Allah! Sentenced to / Hadd / death can only be killed in the name of Allah, and no other harm can be done to him, since the verdict is pronounced by Allah Himself in the Holy Quran and the condemned, despite the committed sin, is under the protection of Allah. With all this, quite naturally, it is necessary to avoid the manifestation of cruelty and all other excesses in the implementation of the death sentence.

Indeed, in the secular world, murderers and other dangerous criminals are sentenced to death, which in turn is fair and natural. So there is nothing inhuman and out of the ordinary for an imam.

Surely an Islamic scholar must think in Islamic terms. He must make decisions guided by Sharia. Deserving of death, it is necessary to sentence to her. Failing to do this means circumventing both God’s Law and Universal Justice.

Indeed, in essence, the fatwa of Imam Khomeini is the Verdict of Allah, for the main source of Sharia is the Book of the Divine Revelation of the Qur’an, which in essence is the Word of Allah.

Following the imam’s fatwa, some dignitaries and possessive organizations with funds for this established an incentive monetary reward for the person who carried out the sentence.

There were 2 reasons for this:

Firstly, it is possible and, most of all, it is likely that the person who executed the sentence may die. Of course, a pious Muslim sacrificing himself for purely ideological reasons does not need material reward. But the rest of the Muslims are obliged to think about his family, which is going to take on the heavy burden of losing his native / breadwinner /. Most likely, to her – i.e. family and this reward is intended. In this case, the altar can no longer restrain anxiety for the fate of the family.

Secondly, the amount increased to $ 3 million is most intended for people of non-Muslim faith. After all, such a person is not obliged to fulfill the fatwa of the Islamic ulama, and it is not capable of killing S. Rushdi for ideological reasons. In this case, as an incentive or compensation, a material reward is obligatory for him or his family. Otherwise, the principle of universal Islamic justice would be violated, according to which it is forbidden to show injustice to all people regardless of religion / and even to polytheistic idolaters, whose kufr so much fears Islam /.

In addition, a substantial sum of $ 3 million is a serious test of temptation to protect S. Rushdie and all those who have access to it. Given that the temptation of all is the fate of the evil deeds of the devil to destroy his own insidious plans. It is interesting how capable the most advanced and technically equipped system of action of the “world masters – servants of the devil” can resist the temptation of their own idol – the Devil.

So, the Muslims of the world enthusiastically accepted the fatwa of the Imam of the planetary Islamic ummah. This to some extent offset their impaired dignity.

Only in some places the lackeys of international imperialism, nominally classified as Muslims, on command from across the ocean, quietly, quietly objected, fearing to object loudly and being by chance near S. Rushdi.

4 years have passed since the publication of the fatwa, and a lot of Muslims in various corners of the globe work tirelessly and calmly and calmly, pursuing the ultimate goal – the execution of the sentence. Over the course of these 4 years, the Muslims of the world have become increasingly clear on the essence of this notorious “story with S. Rushdi.”

S. Rushdie was born in 1947 in one of the largest cities in India – Bombay, in a family of Muslim immigrants from Kashmir. His name is the name of one of the closest associates of the Prophet Muhammad, and the surname meaning in Arabic “walking the righteous path”, indicates that his ancestors were not at all alien to the feeling of sympathy for Islam. However, the Rushdie clan was apparently not without hypocrites / munafig /, which made itself felt in the person of S. Rushdie. as a child, he studied at a school adjacent to the Christian Annunciation missionary organization. At the age of 14, he was sent to study in London, where he then received higher education. Further, it was not by chance that he met … Marianne Wigg, a class writer, whom he married.

Gradually, he revealed the ability of “literary creativity”, eagerly stimulated by his masters from London. In 1981, he wrote the book Children of Midnight, full of humiliation, ridicule and insult to the people of India. The book glorified the era of enslavement of India. The “red thread” of the work was nostalgia for the old colonial times. In the novel, the author maliciously slanders the leaders of the liberation movement. This first work of S. Rushdie was his “thesis”, which he passed to the imperialists “excellent”.

In 1983, he saw the light of his second novel, “Shame,” which also praised Britain’s colonial rule. This time, the people of Pakistan, with their faith, culture and spiritual values, were attacked and humiliated.

After his voyage to Nicaragua, he wrote his third work, entitled The Panther’s Smile, in which he strongly criticized and ridiculed the anti-imperialist struggle of the Nicaraguan people. The quintessence / main content / of this novel and its pseudo-creation in general was the following slogan put forward by him:

“Do not try to oppose your imperial masters or become in opposition to them. For you will enter a huge dead end and fall into the abyss!”

Thus, Rushdie’s pen was thoroughly tested. He truly discovered the talent for serving imperialism. As you can see, the silhouettes of its owners are already clearly emerging. These are England and the USA.

It is not unnecessary to recall that for all the time of his activity S. Rushdy was under the watchful eye of the relevant intelligence services: the CIA and Scotland Yard. However, it is not a secret to anyone that the special services of the United States, European powers and Israel in their activities against the former socialist camp, the Muslim world, China and the Third World countries constitute a coordinated system.

Moreover, it should be remembered that in this ensemble of special services in the first place is the Israeli special service “Mossad”, specializing in ideological sabotage on a global scale.

That’s how Rushdi, over 40 years of his life repeatedly demonstrated weakness of will and uncleanness of his soul, turned out to be a “protagonist” in the cunning plans of the international secret Zionist-Masonic alliance. All of these intelligence services (but in the past, and the KGB), as well as the governments of many states, unfortunately, are appendages of this alliance.

Rushdie was tasked with writing a book with the following goals:

To discredit the religion of Islam in the eyes of Muslims themselves and of all mankind, to exclude Islam from competition with Christianity and Judaism, thereby preventing the mass flow of representatives of various religions into Islam and inspire Muslims to switch from Islam to other religions.

To inflict a blow on the authority of Islam, on its traditional ideological and moral power, to achieve the moral decline of Muslims and their states, which have recently been steadily gaining growth.

Check the reaction of the world Muslim community and the Islamic clergy to a unique provocation, at the same time test the moral and psychological readiness of various Muslim communities to take into account in the future when preparing new subversive actions against the Muslim world.

The well-being and safety of S. Rushdie were guaranteed, because in the opposite case, he, as a man of weak will, would never have decided on such a desperate step.

Finally, the “servant of his masters” completed his “satanic work.” It remains only to print and distribute it around the globe. And then there should be a chain reaction; “writing such“ works ”would become fashionable. Gradually, blasphemy, slander against saints, and insulting the feelings of believers would become commonplace to the joy of Masons, Satanists, and other“ servants of the devil. ”And it was planned to turn Muslims into obedient slaves of the West and imperial powers, and in general, whatever it is, which, incidentally, has long been dreamed of by the enemies of Islam, and first of all, by the Zionists. It’s not for nothing that the version of the “savagery, stupidity, backwardness, servility and humility” of Muslims has been circulated for years / remember the beginning of the text / The authors of this ve these are well aware that the highest spirit of resistance and immunity to enslavement has the name of Islam This prevents the Zionists, for thousands of years striving for world domination, their secret and open assistants -. Masons and the imperialists.

Islam is the only potential obstacle to the “world hosts”. By the way, these owners are so intertwined and mixed with each other that it is currently very difficult to determine whether someone belongs to one of these three categories / Zionism, Freemasonry and imperialism /. Most often they are combined.

According to the plan of the “owners” after passing a certain period of adaptation / getting used to / satanic foul language / S. Rushdi, Muslims should completely forget about Palestine, reconcile with the existence of Israel and stop dreaming of the holy Muslim city of Guds / Jerusalem /.