Neil H. Borden Has Listed the Following Elements of the Marketing Mix for Helping the Marketing Managers – Explained!

Neil H. Borden has listed the following elements of the marketing mix. This list can at best serve as a model and the marketing manager can rely upon it or can modify it as per his unique needs.

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1. Product Planning:

(i) Products lines to be offered their qualities, design, etc.


(ii) Market to sell – whom, were, and in what quantities.

(iii) New product policy – R&D Programme.

2. Pricing:

(i) Price level to be adopted.

(ii) Specific prices to be adopted – odd, even, etc.


(iii) Price policy – one price or varying prices; price maintenance; use of list prices, etc.

(iv) Margins to be adopted for company, for trade.

3. Branding:

(i) Selection of trade marks

(ii) Brand Policy – individualised or family brands


(iii) Margins to be adopted for company, for trade

4. Distribution:

(i) Type of channel to be used between plant and consumer.

(ii) Degree of selectivity among wholesalers and retailers.

(iii) Efforts to gain cooperation of the trade.

5. Personal Selling:

Burden to be placed on personal selling and the methods to be employed in:

(i) The manufacturer’s organisation.

(ii) Wholesale segment of the trade.

(iii) Retailers level.

6. Advertising:

(i) Amount to be spent.

(ii) Copy platform to adopt – product, corporate or both.

(iii) Advertising mix to the trade; through the trade; to the consumers.

7. Promotion:

(i) Burden to place on special selling plans or devices directed at or through the trade.

(ii) Form of these devices for consumer promotions, for trade; promotions.

8. Packaging:

Formulation of package and label policy.

9. Display:

(i) Burden to be put on display to help effect sale.

(ii) Methods to adopt to secure display.

10. Servicing:

Determining the type of quantum of service needed.

11. Physical Handling:

Warehousing, transportation and inventories.

12. Fact Finding and Analysis:

Secure, analyse and use the facts in marketing operations.

Apart from the internal elements given above, there are certain forces a marketer has to reckon with. It is therefore necessary that such forces are also enumerated and reflected in the marketing mix.


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