Essay on Widow Remarriage in India

In Ancient Hindu Society widow re-marriage was considered as a sin because a widow was expected to mourn the death of her husband throughout her life.

On the other hand, a widower; a man who has lost his wife was expected to marry again. Hindu society by all means maintained double standards when it came to justifying the rights of a man and a woman.

The case was such that a widow was not only expected to lead a single life, but she was also expected to eat simple food that was devoid of all spices. It was only after the accession of the British Raj in India that widow remarriage came into existence.

Why a woman should be derived of the right to remarry when a man was allowed to do the same?


In some cases a 60 year old man married a 13 or 14 year old girl, in such a case it is but obvious that the girl will turn out to be a widow sooner or later. Widow re-marriage is essential because men and women both are equal to each other in each and every field and most importantly, a woman is as much entitled to happiness as a man is.

She also needs a partner who supports her through the ups and downs in life. Staying happy is the birth right of each and every citizen and women are no exception. But the happiest change that has occurred in this 21st century India is that not only is widow re-marriage legal but Indians in general today support the institution of widow re-marriage.

This change is largely the result of Westernization and advancement in the field of education. Any educated individual today does not believe in blind faith and superstitions as a result of which, India as a nation is progressing vehemently.

In most of the cases, widows are not considered as a menace to the society as a matter of fact; men today whole heartedly accept a widow as their wife and understand the fact that even she is entitled to all the happiness in the world.


But still a section of orthodox citizens prevail in the societies who are strictly against the custom of a widow marrying again.

Before raising fingers to other women in the society these men should think that how they would feel and react if something similar happened to their own daughter. Most of the men who are asked such a question remain speechless. Their speechlessness prove a fact, it is easy to point a finger at someone else but when it comes to one’s own self, the difficulty is hard to digest.

Whatever this orthodox section of the society may think, one thing is for sure; modern India gives a widow the same status as it gives to any other woman and this is a matter of pride for all the citizens.