Essay on the Effects of Noise Pollution (434 Words)

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Noise is primarily a feature of cities, as exemplified by J. Caesar’s action in banning chariots from the streets of Rome by day, thus producing insomnia by night. Noise is defined as ‘sound without value’ or’ any noise that is undesired by the recipient’.

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Noise levels in many urban-industrialized situations are known to be deleterious to human health and efficiency, with effects on the sense organs, cardiovascular system, glandular and nervous system.

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High intensity sound or noise pollution is caused by many machines man has invented during his technological advancement. Thus, there exists a long list of sources of noise pollution including different machines of numerous factories, industries and mills, different kind of auto and motor vehicles such as scooters, motor­bikes, cars, tempos, buses, trucks, tractors, aircrafts, motorboats, ships, loudspeakers, social gatherings, loud pop-music, supersonic aircrafts, and others.

Effects of Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution has certain well evident ecological and patho­logical effects on biota and human beings. For instance, the sonic boom path associated with SST projects such as Concorde produces noise of a very different order, in the form of sudden but repeated shock waves, which is suspected to cause disturbance to wild birds as well as domestic stock and buildings (see Simmons, 1974).

Robert Alex Baron (1964) for the first time pointed out that noise has damaging physiological and psychological effects on hu­man beings. Noise is measured in the unit of decibel (dB), which is a tenth of the largest unit. One decibel is equivalent to the faintest sound that can be heard by the human ear. Some people feel discomfort with sound of 85 dB, whereas most do not feel discomfort with sound of 115 dB. Pain is usually felt at 145 dB.


There is clear evidence now that the hair cells of organ of Corti of inner ear can be permanently damaged if they are subjected repeated sounds of high intensity before they have an opportu­nity to recover. Workers of different industries develop noise deafness.

Rock music (and Disco music) too is found to produce temporary deafness in the listeners and also in the members of rock band. Further, noise is found to increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, to increase blood pressure, and to cause headache.

Noise pollution also causes the pupils of the eyes to dilate, and mental abnormalities in foetus, hypertension, and peptic ulcers and ultimately, may lead to emotional and behavioural problems in man.

Recently many nations have enacted laws to penalise noise production by the vehicles or any type of industry.


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