489 Words Essay on Noise Pollution

Any unwanted and unpleasant sound is called noise. Noise is very harmful and it has certain affects upon human beings which are, direct physical or physiological.

None can escape from the noise which is known as uncoated sound. Noise is one of the major threats to the quality of human life.

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Noise pollution may be defined as unwanted & unpleasant sound that brings discomfort to human beings. As air and water pollution affects human beings; in the same way the affect of noise is very close.

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Sources of Noise Pollution

There are two types of sources:

1. Natural.


2. Man-made.

Thunder is the natural source. While man-made noises are automobiles, loud speaker, musical instruments etc. They may be classified as follows:

1. Occupational or industrial noise:

Noise pollution may be caused by many industries. It is harmful to public; it also damages the hearing power of about 20% of workers in the industries.


2. Transport noise:

The noise pollution which is produced from road traffic, rail traffic, from air craft is most harmful than that of Industries.

3. Neighborhood noise:

Neighborhood noises are those noises which are produced from house hold gadgets and community. Musical instruments, like TV, VCR, Radio, AC, Fans, Mixers, Grinders etc. The number of sources of noise may affect human beings.

Affects of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can affect human beings in two ways:

Physiological Effect of Noise

1. It affects human health very much. It effects the contraction of blood vessels and it also causes the skin to get pale.

2. It also causes nervous breakdown.

3. It affects on the efficiency of body.

4. Damage of heart, brain, kidney, liver and emotional disturbances. This type of diseases are caused by noise pollution.

5. Sometimes secretion of various hormones gets disturbed due to loud sound.

6. The impairment of hearing is caused by noise pollution.

7. Physical and mental fatigue is also developed due to the effect of noise pollution.

8. The digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular system and semicircular canals of the Internal ear can be also affected by ultrasonic sound.

9. In human, hearing loss symptoms are developed due to prolonged exposure to high pitched noise.

Control Measures of Noise Pollution

1. Noise pollution can be minimized by modifying some of the present practices and procedures. As reducing automobile; traffic, sirens etc.

2. The use of sound-absorbing motor mounting, better installation, better design, use of motor enclosure, use of absorption material in automobiles are the things for noise reduction.

3. Avoid using ear plug etc.

4. Keep away noisy sources and things from people, for example isolated airports, Industries, Shopping Malls etc.

5. Noise pollution can be controlled by making noise less vehicles.

6. Noise pollution can be controlled by plantation of trees on road side areas.

7. Sound proof rooms are also useful in controlling noise pollution.

8. Giving knowledge of noise pollution to the people is also helpful in controlling noise pollution.


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