Essay on Science and Technology Programmes for Socio-Economic Development in India

The Department of Science and Technology has specific programmes to support application of science and technology to directly benefit the economically weaker sections of society.

Special schemes have also been launched for solving the problems affecting the poor amongst scheduled castes and remote and primitive tribal groups as part of the special component plan and tribal sub- plan of the department. Expertise of the retired scientists and the enthusiasm of the young scientists on such activities is encouraged through appropriate support.

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To encourage graduates in various branches of science and technology to make up entrepreneurship as a possible vocation. National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board was established in 1982. This board has been implementing several schemes for the creation of sustainable jobs by the application of science and technology.

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Entrepreneurship Development Programme had trained 14,000 persons with science qualifications up to 195. Nearly 2,700 persons out of the total have set up their business ventures. Each of these units provides employment to about 7 to 8 persons per unit. The EDP is also organizing skill Development Training Programme on various trades and so far about 54,000 persons have been trained and provided with sustainable job/self- employment opportunities.

Projects under Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Schemes (STEDS), are in operation since 1985 in 1 backward districts with the objective of preparing vocation based and resource based specific emtrepreurial opportunities, matching such opportunities with appropriate potential entrepreneurs.

The project directors are working in close cooperation with the district level organizations related to small industries promotion, rural entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDPs), Open Learning Programme in Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (OLPE) was instituted in 1994-95 in collaboration with EDI, Ahmedabad. This programme includes a training phase stretching over a period of nine months and two months of follow up support.


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