How to Maximize Returns from the Investments in Science and Technology in India? – Answered

In order to maximize returns from the investments in science and technology, it is necessary that policies covering S&T, Industry, Finance and Agriculture must be meaningfully intermeshed.

The recent Industrial Policy has reserved only very few industries for the public sector, reduced the sectors where industrial licensing was earlier necessary, liberalised the procedures relating to technology acquisition and investment, removed the restrictions on large companies and redefined the goals of the public sector undertakings.

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For this, the technology development must take place in a competitive environment and the policy for industrial research and development should be appropriately reoriented. In the formulation of future policy for the industrial R&D, the spirit and guidelines of the New Industrial Policy must be followed.

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In consonance with the agricultural policy, S&T inputs must be able to provide the ever increasing food requirements of our growing population.

The S&T agencies would be directed not only to develop capabilities in their specialised areas but also to interact with the varieties developmental sectors, industries, institutions set up by the farmers and those providing services to promote the utilisation of their expertise.

National laboratories under the S&T agencies should make their facilities available to the scientists from the agricultural and industrial sectors and provide services to the university system and evolve collaborative programmes with them.


The socio­economic sectors therefore must lay a greater emphasis on the S&T content in their programmes and place their crucial demand on the S&T agencies.


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