Essay on “Good Governance” (India)

As the term suggests, good governance means governing the people in a way that the interests of the people of all sections are preserved rightfully.

A good and generous government is one where all the individuals, in today’s world say almost all the individual’s rights are protected and they feel that they are not discriminated from one another on the grounds of cast, creed, sex, race and religion.

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If we talk about India, the best example of good governance was seen when Lord Ram ruled his kingdom of Ayodhya. It was a time when all the people were happy and content within themselves and considered the king or the ruler as the messenger of God.

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But today in this 21st Century sadly it is very difficult to find countries and states with good governance. The simplest proof of good governance is found in a state or a country if poverty and illiteracy is absent. But we are all aware of the fact that poverty and illiteracy has not yet been diminished from the developing and under- developed countries.

As a matter of fact, poverty has not been diminished from the best developed countries of the world such as United States of America and Europe. Yes it is true that it is impossible to diminish all these problems in a day but a little bit of proper management can solve the problems to a great extent.

It is essential to clear one thing; the term “good governance” does not only signify the government of a country or state but it signifies proper governance in any organization or institution. Good governance should be present in families at the first place.

The head of the family or the eldest member should be respect by all the other members and a proper code of conduct and decorum should be maintained so that the individuals are disciplined.


When an individual witnesses good governance in his or her family and in the school he or she studies or the company he or she works for. These individuals go ahead and govern the country if selected as the representative of the people.

Good governance at these primary institutions helps the individual to turn out to be a disciplined human being as a result of which he or she is bound to follow the system of governing the country in a rightful manner. It is true that the government today at times is dependent on the selfish interests of the politicians but the citizens are also not free of faults.

Most of them are least interested in what goes on in the state and society and society and are only involved in their own daily routine activities. It is only when the government and the citizens join hands together that good governance in any state and country becomes possible.


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