Essay on 4G Technology

4G which stands for 4th Generation Technology is an extension of the 3G technology and has new advancements including better bandwidth and services added to it.

4G is basically mobile technology which has evolved from the basic 1G technology that came up with cell phones coming into the communication world.4G is considered as future generation technology and its goals are definitely progressive. Technologies like UMTS, SDR, TD-SCDMA, MIMO, WIMAX etc. fall into the category of 4G.

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4G is expected to enhance the security measures and provide high data transfer speeds and improve user efficiency. The blips that happen in transmission due to movement of device from one place to another with network changes are expected to reduce with 4G technology.

4G technologies are supposed to use network address in lines with IP addressing system used for Internet. Thus 4G focuses both on mobile communication and Internet access on computers. Communication speeds as high as 100mbps up to 1 Gbps over fixed stations is what 4G promises.

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The key applications and services to be using the 4G technology include e-readers, mobile marketing, mobile-IPTV, geo-target advertising, on line gaming etc. Another striking feature of 4G is that it will evolve around multi-platform environment. Various wireless technologies like LTE, Wi-Fi etc. will be able to use 4G on devices like cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, printers, e-readers etc. Also, revolutionary new devices are likely to be created and mobile stores set to become key distribution channels for 4G applications.

High data rates are meant to set new trends in the market and give a boom to the technological businesses with 4G coming in. Video blogs will become a reality with 4G networks complementing the high resolution digital cameras built-in the mobile phones.


Computing will turn ubiquitous with high speed networks facilitating faultless handoffs across all regions of the geography. High quality audio/video streaming over end to end Internet protocol is a clear expectation from 4G. As WiMAX design will become more visible, the network operators will openly accept several architectures.

With 4G set to revolutionize the technological advancement, the potential will be truly addressed if it can live up to those standards. Privacy and security issues, creating industry standards of excellence and achieving them in all spheres of technology, taking care of handset limitations, provide user-friendly services in order to overcome poor user experiences with people being unaware of the mobile data services at large.

In short, 4G is expected to revolutionize the era of advanced development and bring a huge improvement in the communication standards and patterns. The success of 4G will bring many advantages to the communication world and make it a different world altogether.


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