Essay for students on My Favorite Leader (Free to read)

Essay for students on My Favorite Leader (Free to read). All of us have the human tendency to be enamored of a particular leader, mostly a political leader. Sometimes, that particular leader may also be a favorite figure in history.

In all cases, that particular leader must be having some qualities which appeal to us overwhelmingly. I like many leaders who have done much for mankind or for our country. But my favorite leader is Pundit Jawaharlal Lai Nehru.

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Jawaharlal Lai Nehru was born at Allahabad on 14th November, 1989. The name of his father was Sheri Motif Lai Nehru who was a famous lawyer of his time. Pundit Nehru had his early education at home. Then he was sent to a public school at Harrow in England. He was a brilliant student, but he had an aptitude for studying political ideology, ancient and modern. This made him an eminent historian and a great political leader later in life, though he finished his studies with a degree in law.

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Pundit Nehru came under the influence of Mahatma Gandhi. He became a great freedom fighter and had to spend the prime of his life in jail. In jail he wrote several books e.g. An Autobiography, Glimpses of World History, and Discovery of India etc. He wrote his famous letters to his daughter India Gandhi from jail. He is known as one of the best prose writers of the world. He tried to depict the life of the poor masses in his books of history.

After independence, he became the first Prime Minister of India. To India he gave a democratic set up with a socialistic pattern of society. He was a great patriot and a great lover of unity amongst different communi­ties. He loved the children in particular and they endearingly called him “Cha-cha Nehru”.

India made a tremendous progress during his Prime Minister ship. The world began to look towards India for peace and leadership. Nehru also advocated the cause of freedom of several Asian and African countries. He was the father of the Non- aligned Movement. India’s voice was heard with respect in the U.N. during his period. At home, he was a man of the masses.


Nehru was an apostle of peace. He spread the message of “Panchsheel”. But unfortunately, China stabbed India in the back by attacking her. Nehru’s heart was broken. He died on 27th May, 1964. His birthday is still celebrated as Children’s Day.


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