237 words short paragraph on My Favorite Leader

237 words short paragraph on My Favorite Leader. Many great persons have influenced the world and changed the flow of time with their great thoughts and personality.

My favorite great leader is Mahatma Gandhi. I worship him. He was a prince of truth and the emissary of peace. He had unflinching faith in non-violence. Born on 2nd October 1869, he, from his very childhood tried to bring harmony in thought and action. His efforts to raise the Black’s voice against the oppressive rule of the whites in Africa are noteworthy and are still a source of inspiration to many African Leaders. He developed the concept of non­violence which was not only new but also unique. Although a Hindu, he believed in a religion which is the essence of all the religious beliefs i.e. Humanity. ‘All mankind is one’, he opined. He believed in simplicity, truthfulness and strong will power. Not only in freedom struggle but his contribution to evolving a new education system is also praiseworthy. Unfortunately, such personalities are often subject to great controversies and so was he. As a result of the communal tumult in the country during partition, he was shot dead on 30th Jan. 1948. A leader, a philosopher, a writer and a teacher, yet a very simple and affectionate man—Gandhi’s personality was so complex and multi-dimensional that on his death Einstein remarked “Coming generations would hardly believe that such a man in flesh and blood ever lived on the earth.

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