Difference between Ethics and Etiquette in Law

Difference between Ethics and Etiquette are mentioned below:

Ethics are morals. It is the first stage of polite society. Etiquette is the second stage of polite society, which is formulated into the rules of behaviourial standard in a particular polite society.

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Ethics are seen in every kind of human life. They are inherent in every religion. Etiquette are the rules of behaviourial standard in a stated polite society, viz. medical etiquette, legal etiquette, etc.


Ethics were born in human civilization since the beginning. Every religion preaches morals and ethics to every person to that entire society. Etiquette is restricted to particular kind of profession. Etiquette is nothing but regularization of ethics.

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Ethics are nothing but a bundle of habits. Etiquette is nothing but a bundle of rules of ethics. These rules have statutory force. Whereas ethics have no statutory force. Thus ethics are older than etiquette.

Ethics and Etiquette are necessary for every person. However, they are more essential and necessary to an advocate, being legal profession is a noble and public profession.


Sharswood writes: “Let it be remembered and treasured in the heart of every student that no man can ever be a truly great lawyer, who is not in every sense of the word, a good man. A lawyer, without integrity may shine for a while with meteoric splendour, but his light will soon go out in the blackness of dankness.

There is no profession in which moral character is as soon fixed as in that of the law; there is none in which it is subjected to severe scrutiny by the public. It is well that it is so. The things we hold dearest on earth our fortunes, reputation, domestic peace, the future of those dearest to us, May, or liberty and life itself — we confide to the integrity of our legal counselors and advocates.

Their character must be not without a strain, but without suspicion. From the very commencement of a lawyer’s career, let him cultivate, above all things, truth, simplicity and condour; they are the cardinal virtues of a lawyer.”

Etiquette is the bundle of rules of ethics for a profession, formulated by a Statutory Body. If they are violated, the person concerned to that profession, shall be punished by the Disciplinary Committee of that profession. Ethics are mere morals. For the violation of ethics, which are not yet formulated into rules, violator shall not be punished. It affects only upon the inner heart of the violator.


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