Article on Criminalisation of Politics in India

Politics is an essential part of every one’s life directly or indirectly. Poliitics must effect the life of everyone. In dictatorship there must be a dictator who rule over the country by his own wish and will.

But in democracy the role of politics is very important. India is now the biggest democracy of the world in which public elect their representatives in the Municipal Corporation, State Legislative Assembly and Parliament of India and then those elected representatives rule the country on behalf of the public of India.

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When any person elect any leader it is expected from him that he must serve people and put the problems of the public before the Government and then solve those problems. But this is not done and the expectations of the public are totally crushed by their representatives.

Now the politics became a shelter place of the criminals. Now a large number of criminals like murderers, rapists, black marketers, kidnappers are coming in the politics.

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They can take the tickets from political parties by their power and money and then elect by the people, when these types of persons elect then they became the authorised and empowered criminals. They can’t afraid from police and Government. Their only thought is to threatened the people and earn as much money as possible.

Those criminals who are hang till death or imprisoned for the whole life they become M.L.A., M.P. and ministers. Here one thing is important that when these types of persons are sitting on powerful posts then who save the public from the clutch of criminals.


Those criminals became the M.L.A., M.P. and ministers by spending lot of money. Their chief aim is to earn as much money as possible and for this purpose their followers and juniors crush the people and earn money and the public have to pay the price of their election.

Our constitution makers selected the democracy because of the feeling that in this system the public of India can elect their representatives without any fear. They have full authority to elect the representative of their own will.

No one pressurize any people to vote for him. In India the secret voting system is applied that is why no one can see that which person give its vote to whom.

From the last 2-3 years Election Commission of India started the using of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in which the voting is very easy and counting also very easy and accurate. But all these efforts couldn’t separate the criminals from politics.


Now all political parties think only about the winning possibility of candidate they don’t interested that this candidate can do anything for public or not.

They only concentrate about increase their winning candidates only. Those peoples are criminals they threaten the public to vote him or their supporting candidates and the public vote them and they won.

In cities where the people are educated and well aware about their rights and know the power of their votes where the criminals can’t win election easily.

But in the rural areas where the people are uneducated and don’t know really about their rights and the powers of their vote where the criminals threaten the people and make contact with the greedy leaders of village and then these greedy leaders put pressure on the villagers and threaten them by different-different types and sometimes give them money, wine and rupees and ready to vote to their candidates.

Such types of candidates when winning then they do the big scams, they became the root of corruption and then spread it to top of bottom and enter many people into the chair of corruption.

These criminals sometimes became the toy in the hands of the enemies of our countries and then create danger for the National Security. Now we all wake up and decide that we don’t elect any criminal in any election and boycott those criminals politically and socially and cooperate the police to arrest them.


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