484 Words Essay on Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is where the heart is” describes the true condition of this busy world. This phrase is applicable to those who have buried themselves into work and don’t even find time to ask other people about their health.

It is true that if you want to survive you must work. But it is also more important to know the limits of it. If the work doesn’t allow you to enjoy life, you must try to check it. All people in this world have a purpose to their living. Someone lives to earn money while others for their love; someone is living to enjoy life while someone lives to form a family.

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The lines stated above are for those who are wishing for sweet family but can’t form it because of lack of time. This phrase truly explains everything for them. They should remember that they will find their dream home where their heart wishes to live.



Never lasting and true words are used in this single line. Heart can do anything and your mind is none other than your heart. If your mind has decided to do something then you can always find time for that thing. Similarly if your mind or heart doesn’t wish for something then no one can push you to do certain work. In short, approval of your mind matters a lot.

Your mind is your home or you can place your mind at certain place and can call it as home. Both of these phrases are same but have different meanings. If you have a simple house with just two rooms in it, it is still a home if your mind and your heart are ready to live and enjoy life in that small house.

Your attitude towards life depends upon how you look at things. Thus, wherever you feel at comfort and peace in life becomes the dwelling place of your mind and heart.


Buying a house is not a big deal but it takes pure thoughts to turn that house into home. For the same you should provide time for your family. You should allow your family to take interest in your dream home. You can tell them about your thoughts on family. They will also feel glad to show interest in your thoughts.

This means to see a home of your dreams you must value the family as much as you do the work. You can see the real joy in life by giving as much time to your home and family as you do to your work. A house where all family members are united by heart and can feel good for being with each other is a perfect home or a sweet home.

More than the walls and the interiors of a home, it is the spirit of those who reside in and the bonding that makes it a beautiful place to live in.


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