30 ‘True’ or ‘False’ Type Questions with Answers on “Environment”

1. Biosphere is made of atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere.

2. The constituent gases in atmosphere are mainly dense upto 1 kilometer height.

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3. The clouds are found in troposphere.

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4. Ozone layer is found in thermosphere.

5. Tropopause and troposphere are the same names.

6. The atmospheric temperature becomes 0°C near stratopause.


7. The atmospheric temperature falls with rise in altitude, but it may reach beyond 1000°C above 500 km in exosphere (or thermosphere).

8. Main activity in ionosphere is to reflect the radio waves.

9. Lithosphere constitutes only 30% of total surface of earth.

10. The Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit was held in 1992.


11. In an ecosystem; the example of producer is green plant, example of consumer is animal, and example of decomposer is fungi.

12. Algae are eaten by insects, and insects are eaten by the fish. In this food chain system; the algae is primary consumer, insect is secondary consumer, and the fish is tertiary consumer.

13. Birds and animals are the examples of abiotic environment.

14. Herbivores which are primary consumers fall in the level of third trophic level as they depend on primary consumers for their food energy.

15. Hard grasses, reptiles, locusts and camels are found in river ecosystem.

16. Flora refers to animal life, while fauna refers to botanical life.

17. The floating aquatic plants are known as nematode.

18. Montane forests are evergreen dense forests having high trees.

19. Savannas ecosystem is characterized by dry and wet seasons alternately, and coarse grass and scattered trees.

20. Steppes, prairies, veldts, and pampas are the examples of different types of grassland ecosystem.

21. Alpine forests are evergreen forests which are found at high altitudes in Himalayas.

22. The forests which are found along sea coasts in wet and marshy area and in deltas of larger rivers are called swamp forests.

23. Temperate forests are characterised by moderate climate and broad leave deciduous trees which shed their leaves in fall season.

24. Coral reefs are the examples of fresh water ecosystem.

25. The running fresh water ecosystem is known as lotic biome.

26. Lentic biome refers to stationary water deep sea ecosystem.

27. Benthoic organisms are living things that are found along the sea bed.

28. The term livestock implies to all catties, domestic and other beneficial animals.

29. A balanced food should produce 5000 calories/day.

30. Increase in rate of inflation implies that the GDP of the country is also increasing.


1. True; 2. True; 3. True; 4. False; 5. False; 6. True; 7. True; 8. True; 9. True; 10. True, 11. True; 12. False; 13. False; 14. False; 15. False; 16. False; 17. False; 18. True; 19. True; 20. True; 21. True; 22. True; 23. True; 24. False; 25. True; 26. False; 27. True; 28. True; 29. False; 30. False;


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