22 Objective Type Questions (MCQ) with Answers on “Natural Vegetation in India”

1. Which part of Himalayas covered with dense forest?

(A) Northern

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(B) Eastern


(C) Western

(D) Southern.

2. How many types of plants species are found in India?

(A) About 45,000


(B) About 40,000

(C) About 47,000

(D) About 20,000.

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3. Which one of the following state does not have the Tropical deciduous forests?

(A) Jharkhand

(B) Western Orissa

(C) Chhattisgarh

(D) Rajasthan.

4. Which one of the following trees is found in tropical rainforests?

(A) Mahogany

(B) Teak

(C) Sal

(D) Peepal.

5. Plant community which has grown naturally without human aid and has been left undisturbed by humans for long time is termed as:

(A) Tundra vegetation

(B) Virgin vegetation

(C) Taiga plants

(D) None of the above.

6. Ebony, Mahogany and Rosewood trees are grown in which of the following forests?

(A) Coniferrous forests

(B) Tropical rain forest

(C) Tropical Thorn forests

(D) Deciduous forests.

7. Silver fir is found in the following type of vegetation zone:

(A) Mangrove forests

(B) Thorn forests

(C) Montane forests

(D) Deciduous forests.

8. A very large ecosystem on land having distinct type of vegetation and wildlife is called:

(A) Ecology

(B) Biome

(C) Biodiversity

(D) Biosphere reserve.

9. Which medicinal plant has high antibiotic and antibacterial properties?

(A) Sarpagandha

(B) Neem

(C) Kachnar

(D) Babool.

10. Which one of the following animals lives in the swampy and marshy lands of Assam and West Bengal?

(A) Tiger

(B) Lion

(C) One-horned Rhino

(D) Elephants.

11. Which of the following is not an important tree of tropical rain forest?

(A) Ebony

(B) Rosewood

(C) Mahogany

(D) Sandal wood.

12. Trees in thorn forest are:

(A) Tall

(B) Dense

(C) Scattered

13. Which of the following type of natural vegetation have originally come to India from abroad?

(A) Rare species

(B) Endemic species

(C) Endangered species

(D) Exotic Species.

14. Ebony, Mahogany, Rosewood, Rubber and Cinchona are the important trees of?

(A) Tropical Deciduous Forests

(B) Mangrove Forests

(C) Tropical Evergreen Forests

(D) Montane Forests.

15. Most widespread vegetation in India is:

(A) Coniferous forests

(B) Tropical Rain forests

(C) Tropical Deciduous forests

(D) Mangrove forests.

16. Tropical Rain forests grow well in area receiving rainfall:

(A) 200 cm

(B) 150 cm

(C) 100 cm

(D) 70 cm.

17. Which of the following part of India evergreen forests are found?

(A) Assam

(B) Rajasthan

(C) Odisha

(D) Uttar Pradesh.

18. This of the following forest is found in heavy rainfall areas of the Western Ghats, island groups and upper parts of Assam

(A) Tropical evergreen

(B) Tropical deciduous

(C) Mountain forests

(D) Tidal forests.

19. Ebony and Rosewood trees are found in the areas of rainfall:

(A) More than 200 cm

(B) More than 100 cm

(C) More than 70 cm

(D) Less than 50 cm.

20. Which of the following trees is used for treating blood pressure?

(A) Jamun

(B) Kachnar

(C) Neem

(D) Sarpagandha.

21. Which one of the following types of vegetation does rubber belong to?

(A) Tundra

(B) Tidal

(C) Himalayan

(D) Tropical evergreen.

22. Which one of the following types of vegetation has commercially important trees like ebony, mahogany, rosewood and rubber?

(A) Montane Forest

(B) Tropical Rain Forests

(C) Tropical Deciduous Forests

D) Tropical Thorn Forest.


1. (D) 2. (C) 3. (D) 4. (A) 5. (B) 6. (B) 7. (C) 8. (B) 9. (B) 10. (C) 11. (D) 12. (C) 13. (D) 14. (C) 15. (C) 16. (A) 17. (A) 18. (A) 19. (A) 20. (D) 21. (D) 22. (B)


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