230 Words Paragraph on “Live and Let live”

Social life depends upon this concept of ‘live and let live’. Society means a group of people living together. Every person has his own likes and dislikes, his own tastes, his own temperament.

Therefore, it is necessary that to have peace in life, co-operation and concord, each one should take due care of the other so that life may go on happily and nicely.

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For doing so one must have a spirit of adjustment and accommodation. One should not try to impose one’s own will over other. This is equally true in the world community. One nation should let the other nation have its own freedom. Democracies have to live with dictatorships; Socialism has to live with imperialism.



This is what is meant by peaceful co­existence. Violence and dominance is never permitted neither in individual life, nor in social life, nor in national life, nor at all in international life.

Live your own way and let others live their own that alone is the principle of good living. ‘Do not do unto others what you do not want to be done to you’ this is what Christ said. That is the principle of life which alone can make life peaceful and peace brings happiness. Do we not want to live happily? If we want to, others also want the same. That is possible only when you ‘live and let live’.


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