217 Words Short Essay on the Value of Friendship (free to read)

Friendship is one of the most precious things in our life. We can buy gold and diamonds if we have the required amount of money in our pocket, but a genuine friend may not be bought even with mounds of money. It is because when once we buy gold or any inanimate object, we become its master, we possess it and it remains in our custody as long as we desire.

This yardstick however, can’t be applied to a friend. He is a living being who has his own faculties of mind and senses. We have to go deep into his mind and psyche to know that he won’t desert us in time of adversity.Such a judgment may not always be quite easy. Even the most meticulously arrived at judgment may sometimes prove wrong.

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However, true friendship should actually transcend all material gains and selfish motives and values. The value of true friendship is inestimable. It is a matter of the heart more than of the mind and must be left to the heart for decision rather than subjecting it to the scanner of the mind which can sometimes play the truant and spoil the whole game.

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True friendship is a mutual trust which must be maintained at all costs and under all conditions and circumstances.


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