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A hobby is an occupation we pursue outside our normal duties, for amusement. Hobbies, in general, make us busy and add charm and thrill to our humdrum existence.

An empty mind is said to be a devil’s work ship. Hence, it is very necessary to keep our minds engaged in some fruitful activity even in leisure time. Development of a hobby is required not just for pleasure’s sake but also for the sake of learning something new.

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There are many kinds of hobbies- gardening, photography, fishing, painting, flying kites, sculpturing, embroidery, knitting, cooking, shooting, reading books, watching television, listening to music, playing musical instruments, bird-watching, stamp collection, collection of old coins, etc. Among these perhaps flying kites, gardening, photography and stamp collection are the most popular.

The value and the usefulness of hobbies cannot be undermined or debated. They dispel idleness, monotony, boredom and dullness which often engulf human life and mar our day-to-day existence. They make us both physically and mentally active.

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Another significant merit of hobbies is that, they can bring a great deal of leisure, recreation, amusement and satisfaction to our lackluster lives. A cheerful hobby is a joy of life.

Hobbies also have the potential to widen our mental horizon and make us more enlightened. Many hobbies are indeed, highly informative and educative. Hobbies such as, reading, watching television, stamp collection, coin collection, etc., provide us with a great deal of knowledge and information. Hobbies such as painting, photography, reading, playing musical instruments, etc. can also lead to good career opportunities.


The hobbies of childhood are often the stepping-stones to excellent careers, later in life. Some hobbies also bring financial benefits to the individuals concerned. Worthwhile hobbies such as, knitting, embroidery, handicraft making, photography, etc. can bring in definitely some income and monetary gains. Last but not the least, hobbies also bring us a good deal of social recognition and fame.

Sometimes, a hobby becomes a craze. Hobby without thinking is shooting without an aim. Hobbies must remain an off-time job, just to while away our free time usefully. Many people are too absorbed with their hobbies that they forget their primary duties.

They unnecessarily, spend a great deal of money, energy and time on it. This ultimately ruins them. Therefore, hobbies must be taken in its true spirit, i.e., simply as a leisure time occupation and as a means for the diversion of the mind from the daily routine and boredom of life.


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