Write a note on Lymphatic System in Human Beings Stating Two Major Functions of Lymph


Lymph is a circulatory fluid which also helps in transportation. This is I also called tissue fluid. It is formed when some amount of plasma, proteins, inorganic salts I and white blood cells pass through the pores present in the walls of capillaries into intercellular I spaces in the tissues.

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The lymph is similar to plasma except that tissue fluid is colourless and contains very less proteins.

From intercellular spaces, lymph goes into lymphatic capillaries. Lymphatic capillaries I join to form large lymph vessels which finally open into larger veins. Lymph flows only in one direction that is from tissues to heart through veins.

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Functions of lymph:


(i) Lymph carries digested and absorbed fats from small intestine to different tissues! of the body.

(ii) It drains excess fluid from extra cellular space back into the blood.

(iii) Lymph protects tissues/cells from infection.


(iv) It also removes waste products from the body cells to drain into blood.


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