Short Notes on Gray's Interpretation on Travel Motivation

Gray’s Interpretation on Travel Motivation are given below:

As maintained by Gray (1970), one can ascribe two vital and well-defined purposes for pleasure travel: Wanderlust and Sunlust. He goes on to define wanderlust as “that basic trait in human nature which causes some individuals to want to leave things with which they are familiar and to go and see at first hand different existing cultures and places, or the relics of past cultures in places famous for their historical associations, ruins and monuments.

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The desire to travel may not be a permanent one, but merely a desire to exchange temporarily the known, work-a-day things of home for something which is exotic”.

Sunlust, by and large focusing on the attractiveness and pull of the sun, sand and sea, in contrast, “generates a special type of travel which depends upon the existence elsewhere of different or better amenities for a specific purpose than are available locally”.

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These two types of travel differ critically in terms of the degree to which they are likely to be international (as opposed to domestic), and the nature of travel facilities needed by the destination.

Gray further elaborates that wanderlust may be expected to be primarily international in character than sunlust travel. Of course, there are some possibilities of domestic wanderlust travel in case of a large country with widely different geographic characteristics in different parts of the country, distinct kinds of lives arid the convenience of cultural diversity. India is well suited to exemplify the case.


However, sunlust travel can be comparably more international when the country of domicile is fairly small.

The characteristic features of wanderlust and sunlust travel are quite dissimilar which may be outlined as follows: The visit called wanderlust is meant to be neither relaxing nor lively but seemingly enlightening.

It is generally multi-country and for the travellers, these are mainly the physical and man made attractions that are of high import rather than the natural attractions like climate. The travellers are ever looking for something unfamiliar i.e., different cultures, institutions, cuisine, etc.

Wanderlust results in relatively more international travel and tourist business. While in sunlust travel, the travel pattern is single destination pattern. Such a travel is intended to be either relaxing and restful or very active.


The major consideration is climate and the sunlust travelloers largely seek familiar environment (domestic amenities and accommodations) and travel is of little weight once at the destination. Contrary to wanderlust, sunlust relates to somewhat more domestic travel and holiday resort business.


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