Short Essay on FIR (First Information Report)

Short Essay on FIR (First Information Report) – A criminal case begins with a First Information Report (FIR), which, in simple terms, means the first intimation of the incident of a criminal nature to the police.

This is from where the police start investigating the case. Most of the time a crime affects somebody or somebody’s interests and usually he or she is the person who approaches the police.

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The probe into the crime generally begins there from. That is the reason why an FIR is sometimes also treated as a criminal complaint against the accused and contains the name of accused, the time and place of the commission of crime, name of complainant, and the date of crime.

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The officer-in-charge in police station registers the complaint in the prescribed form. The same is signed by the complainant and the officer-in-charge. The carbon copy of FIR is given to the complainant with seal of the police station and signature of the officer-in-charge.

The original is sent to court. Once the police conclude the investigation the investigation report is submitted to the court and the trial begins, which ends either in conviction or acquittal.


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