Short essay on energy conservation in industrial sector

Industry is another big consumer of coal and electricity. Energy is used in the industrial sector mainly for lighting, heating, air-conditioning and ventilating systems as well as for running motors and machines.

It is a matter of serious concern that Indian industries are consuming more power for similar jobs as compared to industries in several foreign countries.

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In other words our industries are less fuel-efficient. It is estimated that about ten to fifteen per cent industrial energy can be saved from fuel efficient medium of light.

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This can be done without much use of fluorescent lamps or high pressure mercury vapour lamps (HPMV) or high pressure sodium vapour lamps (HPSV).

These offer better optical control. An ordi­nary (tungsten) 200 W lamp can be replaced by 80 W HPMV for the same level of illumination.

It is better to use MLL (combination of mercury vapour lamp and an incandescent filament lamp in glass envelop).


Light of 160 W MLL lamps is same as that of 200 W incandescent lamp and its life is five times more.

Fluorescent, HPMV and HPSV lamps are more efficient

Similarly, incandescent lamps can be replaced with fluorescent tubes to save energy.

HPSV are most suitable for street light and yard lighting purposes because they give very high light. One can save energy of 150 W per point by using 250 W HPSV in place of 400 W HPMV lamps.


We should always use lamps of lower wattage, if these can serve the purpose. Fluorescent lamps are best suited for heights upto 7 metre because of their high efficiency and low brightness.


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