Short Essay on American Police Force (256 Words)

Short Essay on American Police Force !

Before United States came under the influence of the Britain, the civilians performed the function of night-watchman by rotation with a view to protecting the society from crimes and criminals. This watch and ward arrangement proved effective to control growing incidence of crime and disorder in rapidly expanding cities. Consequently, a regular police force was, established in New York in 1844.

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A regular police force was, however, set up in America by the Dougan Charter of 1886. The adoption of regular police in American cities did not prove very useful because of extremely low wages offered to policemen. An inclination towards violence was the main requirement for entry into the police force. The new police therefore, became pawns in the spoils system and shared in general corruption prevailing in the local politics.


The modern police in U.S.A. is vested with the authority of using legitimate and justified force against the citizens. The mandate of police to use force to curb violence raises a key issue that the police themselves should not indulge in unnecessary violence or excessive use of force.

However, it is generally believed that American police cannot allow a challenge to go unmet as they consider ‘backing down’ as cowardly. The major police problem in U.S.A. is distrust and suspicion of police which separates cops from the community.

However, realising the need for greater police-public participation for the maintenance of law and order and tranquillity in the society, strenuous efforts are being made in US to bring about attitudinal change in the police functioning.


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