Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies in India (2 Case Studies)

Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies in India (2 Case Studies) explained below:

Case Study 1

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The highly regarded medical center called “Pride Hospital” has provided medical care for over 35 years. The center serves a primary population of 200,000 and an extended service area of over 300,000.


One of the centre’s websites is devoted to weight loss surgery. The site offers a significant amount of educational information, including: a detailed glossary of terms, a weight loss surgery library, a weight table and information about surgical weight loss options. Addi­tionally, the site offers a surgeon/hospital locator system and a message board.

This client operates in a competitive online market against a range of hospital, support group and informational websites. Therefore, their online marketing goals included increasing the search engine visibility of the website in an effort to be found within the search engine results before competing websites. Additionally, they were looking to increase the number of visitors that requested information on their website.

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Challenges in Front of Medical Centre:

The first challenge for the client was the original domain name they were using for the website. The domain was not intuitively related to the centre’s business and was difficult for users to remember.

The second challenge for the website was its internal linking structure. The site contained a significant amount of image links which stopped search engine spiders in their tracks be­cause there was no text for them to follow. Additionally, the few text links within the site linked to different sections on the same page rather than linking to different pages and sections within the website so that spiders could easily access them. And finally, the website’s sitemap was an image with no text links. This prevented search engine spiders from utiliz­ing that page to access all other pages of the site.



1. Provide the best Solution to face the future challenges in the market

2. How you will design the criteria for best website design for the centre.

3. Describe your suggestions with evidences to support the claims of the centre

Case Study 2

Innovation is becoming more and more important in modern society. There is a lot of re­search on different kinds of innovation. Marketing innovation is one kind of innovation that has not been studied frequently before. One useful definition of marketing innovation is new ways which companies can market themselves to potential or existing customers. This focuses on the implementation process of marketing innovation.


A Chinese company is chosen because China s innovation practice needs improvement and theories which take China as background to guide the implementation process of innovation. The study shows some key elements for marketing innovation that are worth paying attention to when imple­menting marketing innovation projects.

Examples of these key elements found are; paying attention to the neglected market, suitable segmentation of the market, reliable market in­formation, public relationship, increased customer value, combination of market factors, explore different marketing channels and the use of technology in combination.

Especially the use of technology can positively affect the implementation of marketing innovation. The present are some risks that may occurred in marketing innovation, like cost, uncer­tainty of market, information leakage, imitation and overdependence on experience. If com­paring marketing innovation with product innovation there are many common points, but during the implementation process, the focus is different.

A focus on the external environ­ment seems to be more important in marketing innovation implementation. The develop­ment situation of China s innovation practice is immature which is shown by the heavy reliance of experience and not theory in innovation projects. A reason for this is that inno­vation theory, which is taking the context of China in consideration, is lacking but is highly needed.


1. Which elements will be helpful or obstructive to the implementation process of marketing innovation?

2. How will these positive or negative aspects affect the implementation of marketing innovation projects?

3. How can the implementation of marketing innovation projects be improved?

4. When implementing marketing innovation projects, compared with product innovation projects, what are the differences and similarities?


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