Letter to the Electricity Department Informing about the Defective Meter Which Necessitates Replacement


The Senior Commercial Executive,

Re: Inflated Electricity bill


Meter No. ____________

Consumer No. ____________

Dear Sir,

It is extremely surprising to receive your electricity bill for ____________ (Amount) to be mentioned in words for the month ____________of which is an all- time very high amount.


Kindly note that I have been continuing to use electricity in usual way for all the months and hence there is no point of sudden abnormal increase in the consumption of electricity in the month of. ____________

For your kind information I am enclosing Xerox copies of electricity bills for the last six months and it will be found that the average monthly billing was____________.

While I am making payment of your bill in question under protest, I would request you to arrange to check the meter immediately and replace it with a new one if it has gone defective, so that I am not penalised for no fault of mine.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

Image Source: psap.library.illinois.edu