Importance of Pre-approach for the Salesman – Essay

Pre-approach is important for the salesman due to the following reasons:

1. A salesman by means of pre-approach can save his valuable time, effort and energy by concentrating on those prospects exclusively who are most likely to buy In other words, he can distinguish between ‘most likely prospects and general prospects’ and confine his approach to genuine prospects by remaining selective.

2. Pre-approach makes the salesman more confident and enthusiastic while meeting the prospects and putting forth the sales proposition before them. This confidence and enthusiasm is the cumulative result of the detailed background information about the prospects collected during pre-approach.


3. Pre-approach enables the salesman to know beforehand about the needs and requirements of the prospects in the most detailed manner possible.

4. By pre-approach, the salesman’s knowledge about the prospects is considerably enhanced. As a result, serious lapses, vital mistakes by the salesman are automatically avoided. As the salesman has prior information about the likes, dislikes, tastes, financial status, and so on of the prospects, he is likely to commit the least number of mistakes at the subsequent stages of sales presentation.

5. On the other hand, equipped with all possible socio-economic information about the prospects, the salesman is better placed in handling the prospects. Consequently, the salesman can plan out the sales talk in advance and present the same on scientific lines for assured success.


6. At the pre-approach stage, the salesman is able to gather all possible information about the prospects beforehand. In case of need, the salesman can seek advice and guidance from seniors and experienced colleagues for planning his approach on successful lines.

7. Pre-approach helps in saving valuable time, effort and energy of the salesman in the best interest of the organisation in which he works.

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