Essay on the Importance of Exercise

Exercise is also known as physical activity and includes anything that gets you moving, such as walking, dancing, or working in the yard.

Science today has developed enormously in each and every field as a result of which less labour is required on the part of the human beings in each and every activity.

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Earlier people were less inclined to diseases such as heart attacks, diabetes and even to obesity because of the reason that they were laborious and never hesitated in carrying out physically laborious work.

Today walking an extra mile, using the metro rails without the help of the escalators and even walking up one single floor is impossible for the youth. Exercising is extremely essential in this 21stcentury, if individuals want to achieve the peace of body and mind.

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Why is exercise essential for the body? There are a number of reasons.


1. As a result of exercising, the flow of the blood in a person’s body remains smooth and steady and thus they are less prone to blood clotting and other blood related diseases.


2. 15-20 minutes of exercise daily results in ensuring an energetic day for an individual. If proper exercise is conducted daily then it is impossible that an individual feels lazy at any time of the day. The work you finish in an hour will be finished in 40 minutes because you will not feel lazy as a result of regular exercise.

3. Exercising regularly can result in removing the most peculiar problem of the modern day world like obesity. Every individual dreams of a perfect body, some people are blessed, while the others can work a little bit to gain this blessing.

4. Researchers have proved that regular exercise in addition to being good for the body is equally responsible for a healthy mind and soul. It is impossible to remain depressed or withdrawn if you exercise regularly.

What is misleading today, in most of the cases are the easy exercise machines available in the market. They do help to a certain extent but you in turn are again dependent on these electronics without understanding the simple fact that God helps those who help themselves.


The benefits provided by these machines are 20% of the benefits that you gain by exercising yourself. Medicines which claims to revitalize your energy and take care of your body by taking one or two capsules daily can provide you certain calcium’s, minerals and vitamins essential for your body but they can never provide you with the benefits which a simple exercise routine at least 5 days a week provides.

It is essential for the youth today to understand the fact that you reap what you show; it is you who are responsible for the kind of body you possess and it is only you who can gain your own desired shape and fitness. Only external mentorship can help. Rest all is in your hands.


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