Essay on Nature Cure – the Better Cure

Essay on Nature Cure – the Better Cure

Mother Nature has created a plethora of fruits, vegetables and plants that have over the centuries been used as medicines for cures to many ailments, without side effects.

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The Atharva Veda authored by the early Aryans nearly five millenniums ago detailed the practice of natural practice of natural cures and medicines for various ailments. Research over thousands of years and experiments, by generations of Ayurveda Acharyas, led to perfecting these treatments. Unfortunately, with the advent of allopathy and the remarkable advances made in the field of modern medicine, the research in natural cures took a backseat.

But the medicines and herbs which have proved their efficacy over centuries have definitely been improved upon thanks to the latest techniques and inventions to facilitate and check the purity and potency of these medicines. Besides the medicinal side of this treatment there is physical side too. Massages and the use of various oils in the process of massaging have delivered remarkable results.

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Massage has been reinvented today and in developed countries like Germany the nurses are being trained in the varied types of massages for ailments which had never been considered to respond to such therapy, like cancer, AIDS, heart disease and stroke. Massage is probably one of the oldest healing tool known to humanity and has undergone a revolutionary change in the very concept of its use. Germany may be for starters, for the very reason that this is one country, besides India, which has the best collection of our ancient books, Vedas and scriptures. They probably have a more exhaustive and better maintained collection of Sanskrit manuscripts in original than India.

But this has crossed the seas and detailed knowledge about this therapy is now being put to use in Britain and the US. It now formsa a part of the degree course awarded by the Royal College of Nursing established more than a decade back. Earlier it was being taught by a professional masseur Miss Hudson who had more than 20 years experience in the therapy and was attending to patients at leading hospitals, which had been introduced as an experiment at the Royal College in 1990, had been converted into an integral part of the course, for third year students of Degree Courses in Nursing.

At one time, it was presumed that massage imparted a feeling syndrome but now it has been confirmed that massage can bring about many beneficial physical changes in the body from reducing blood pressure to speeding up the process of healing wounds. Patients having a high respiratory rate found them reduced to normal just through an hour’s massage. Patient suffering from a high blood pressure and heart rate after bypass surgeries have been massaged to bring the problems to normal.


It has now been researched that abdominal massages have far better effects than laxatives and enemas, for patients suffering from severe constipation. The patients are now being taught to do it themselves for getting relief in irritable bowel syndrome. It has also been found to be very effective in helping patient suffering from ankylosing spondylitis, an agonizing condition where vertebrae fuse together at the back.

Massage experts have elucidated the various effects of this therapy. “It does not actually cure on its own. The body system has a tendency to constrict all cells and vessels in case of emergency. This does not allow the poisons forming in to flow out. Massage had the ability to remove these constrictions and set the healing process in motion by allowing the body fluids to flow through the system again. Different kinds of massages are used for specific problems of migraine, panic attacks and emotional disturbance. Sports injuries need a different kind of massage”.

Patient care at reputed hospitals is undergoing a change for the better. Gone are the days of seedy parlour massage creating a phobia in patients. They are now being advised to relax and avoid anxiety and tension, to get better shortly. Here the massages come in as a god-sent boon.

Acupuncture is also an age old therapy which had been sidelined till a few decades back. Simple methods capable of maintaining good health were in oblivion and are now being rediscovered again. Therapies like radionics, bio-synergetics, flower remedies and acupuncture are now in vogue once again, especially in the metros. They are now on the list of therapies on the World Health Organisations list of alternative medicines. India and our Natural Treatment experts have a host of treatment, a wealth of herbs and natural remedies for all types of ailments. Chronic ailments which do not find any respite through the intake of strong allopathic medicines, respond to Natural Treatment and since this treatment is based on precise natural sciences, there are nobody punishing drugs and, if at all, minimal side effects.


Yoga and Marmasastra are ancient Indian therapies and are complementary to each other. The result is that patients get permanent cure. In amalgamation with Chinese, Korean and Japanese natural treatments, they are wonders. Laboratory tests today are also one of the reasons that the natural treatments are becoming more precise than the all encompassing earlier. The source of complaints are diagnosed and the tests can determine if there is some source of allergy. The result is that even insulin dependent diabetics have been cured by removing stress, one of the major causes of the ailment.

The pollution of the day negates all our scientific advancements. The same goes for modern medicinal treatments. Antibodies do kill disease infecting germs but at the same time they also kill the natural micro-biological colonies upsetting the entire body balance. The non-availability of unpolluted food is also a major reason for ailments. Even cereals have been tested and found with traces of germicide and fertilizers. Pure ghee from cow’s milk is a rarity, whereas it has been found to prevent the formation of cholesterol as well as is good for joints. One teaspoon of ghee consumed everyday has been found to be a miracle for the cure of arthritis and rheumatism. It has the power to keep a man healthy with good vision, teeth, strong heart and healthy hair.

Allopaths of today agree that for certain chronic ailments alternative medicines are the only solution.


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