Essay on a Scene at a River in Summer

It was Sunday in July. It was a cloudy day. I decided to go to the river which flows near our town at a small distance.

I went there on my bike. I had not gone far when I met my friend Ashok. He too, was going to the river. So we went along talking merrily. We soon reached the river.

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The river side presented a very lovely scene. There were men, women and children. They were in large number. All were swimming.


Those who could not swim were bathing in the shallow water. Some people were washing their clothes.

Some were playing in the cold wa­ter of the river. Little boys and girls were playing on the sand. Some boys were playing kabaddi on the sand of the river.

A number of college students were enjoying boating. The little boats were running up the water. They were having lines of foam on both of their sides.

A little up the river washer men were washing the clothes. They were beating clothes against stone-slabs. Their wives and children were spreading the clothes for drying upon the bank.

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At a little distance from the bathing ghat, a few fishermen were busy in catching the fish. They had thrown nets in the river and were waiting for their catch.

Close to the river bank was a small temple of Shiva under a peepal tree. Some holy sadhus were staying there. After taking bath some men were going to the temple to say their prayers.

An old beggar was sitting outside the temple. He was begging alms from each man going to the temple. There were some fruit sellers with big baskets of melon and mangoes.


We also enjoyed a bath in the river. We swam and swam for an hour in the cold water. After taking bath, we hired a boat.

Both of us hired it for an hour. The boatman also joined us in our singing. He also sang good songs in his own language.

Boating proved a good exercise. We reached the other bank. There we anchored the boat. We saw many other boats going up and down.

We had some fruits mangoes and melons there. After two hours We came back. I paid ten rupees to the boatman. He blessed us. We returned home in the evening. Mother rebuked me for absence.


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