511 words short essay on Today's Movies

Free sample essay on Today’s Movies. The movies of today are based on fights between two rival gangs who want to have an upper hand over another. There are no movies without fights and violent incidents. Violence is the theme of many films.

The stories selected are such that they are meant to appeal to the youth who want adventure, fights and love scenes. Many of the films which deal with love and group dances are common in almost every Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and other language film.

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Fights, love scenes and group dances add to the cinematic charm, producers say. Actresses are asked to act in the most seductive poses and the scenes which show the sexual thirst of man and woman naturally spoil the youth. Films have become highly commercial and the producers are bent on earning money, as much money as possible, through their films. This is the main reason for the low standard of our films generally. The trend of concentrating on violence and sex should change.

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The cinema, the television and the radio are first and foremost educative media though they should also concentrate on entertainment. The educational value of a film is not given importance at all nowadays.

Take an old Tamil movie like ‘Away’, a great poetess, or ‘Veerapandiya Kattabomman’, a film about a Tamil patriot. They are educative and they have all the elements of a good cinema.

Formerly films were based on well-written novels of great writers. They had social relevance. Producing films based on stories told by young directors is not a good practice. Producers want to produce as many films as possible in a year and want to earn as much as possible. In days gone by producers used to take a year or so to produce a good film and it was a sure success. When many films are produced in a year all of them may not be good. Commercialism in the production of films should be avoided. Producers should turn their thoughts to producing good films which will educate the public.


Art films are rare these days, for; art films may be flops commercially. Of course production of movies is profit-oriented and a producer cannot incur loss. Producers hesitate to produce art films which are purely educative, which excel in delivering a message forcefully and artistically, but which may lack the cinematic elements like group dances, romantic scenes, fights and comedy. Developing a story with the intention of bringing out the merit of the characters in a film and delivering a message, a message for all time, may not appeal to the vast majority of movie-goers, who are young.

Film producers claim that their films based on certain formulas appeal to the youngsters and they run well in theatres. They are not bothered about the quality of the film, the message it gives. They are not bothered whether the adults who see their films are impressed or not. It is a fact that the directors of today’s films are young and they want to produce films suitable to the taste of the younger generation.


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