465 words short essay on A Visit to a Museum

465 words short essay on A Visit to a Museum. A museum is a building in which we see objects of artistic, cultural, historical and scientific interest. These things are kept here for the public. It is a treasure house of great knowledge. It makes us familiar with the history, culture, civilization, life style, religious practices, art and architecture of the country. It offers a peep into the country’s ancient social, political, cultural, economic and religious life of the people.

During the summer break I had an opportunity to visit the famous National Museum of Delhi. The Museum building is majestic and is itself a centre of great attraction. When I along with my family members entered the main building we were stunned to see systematic and well-arranged display of various objects of art and architecture. The building has been divided into many sections as per the subjects and periods of history. First of all, we saw images, sculptures, rock-engraved scriptures, coins, terra cotta and various objects of historical and archaeological value.

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The entire museum has been divided into many compartments, namely anthropological division and display section, etc. In archaeological section there were coins, statues, bricks, etc. Anthropological section mainly displayed relics and remains of ancient species of animals, and human beings. Manuscripts in different languages were also displayed in archaeological sections. Charts, paintings, murals, etc. were the attraction in the archaeological section. We saw ancient dresses, royal robes and weapons of great rulers. Coins of different periods of time made us familiar with the artistic skill and technological progress of the time. It was very interesting to see the historic Ajanta and Ellora paintings in one corner of the museum. We also enjoyed the vivid depiction of the lives of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha. The visit of this section presents a glimpse of the glorious past of India.

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The entire first floor was allotted to the vivid display of the Indus valley civilization. The relics of this most ancient civilization of the world were presented in the forms of beads, broken pitchers, toys, stones and skulls. These things were excavated from the various centers of civilization like Harappa, Mohanjodaro, Lothal, Kalibanga, Ropar, etc.

The military equipment’s of different periods of history have been displayed in the second floor. There were weapons like swords, spears, sheets, shields, helmets, and different types of dresses of army general and military commander. We were thrilled to see the heroes and heroines of our country. Many things instilled in us a sense of pride and they inspired us as well.

In short, the entire museum presented a miniature India of different periods of time. It displayed the whole gamut of India’s life and literature. This visit enriched our knowledge and learning. It has a deep and lasting impression on my mind. It was indeed a thrilling experience.


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