426 Words Essay on If I Inherited a Legacy of One Lakh Rupees

Thank God! The dreams of my life would now come true. The old aunt died and left more than a lakh of rupees for me. I am sorry for the death but am equally glad that God has offered me the opportunity to bring the dreams and desires of my life into action.

At this news all the desires that had remained dormant in my heart came to the surface and I sat down to plan the expen­diture of the money so received.

I called an architect and asked him to draw a plan for a very up-to-date hospital and dispensary. I earmarked thirty thousand rupees for the purpose. It would be known as “Swarooprani Chari­table Dispensary and Hospital’ after the name of my aunt and would consist of ten beds. The construction was arranged and seen through.

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The next ten thousand rupees I gave to a local school with the instruction that a hall may be constructed and named after my aunt. In return I was taken on the governing body of the school and commanded respect everywhere in the town. The Govern­ment in recognition of my public services nominated me as an honorary magistrate.

I entered the field of public service and with another ten thousand rupees I started a widow house and orphanage for displaced women and children.

I personally looked after the management of the institution and Government also recognised the widow home. A sumptuous amount was sanctioned as grant- in-aid and everything was on a very sound footing.


Hence I decided to go abroad and take to some business with the rest of the money. I went to England, visited the continent and flew to America. After remaining abroad for nearly six months i came back only to establish a small factory and workshop con­cerned with Radio manufacture.

It was to be a joint stock com­pany and my credit being very high, people from all sides flocked for the purchase of shares. The company was floated, machinery set up and work began.

I was the Managing Director and the Chief brain behind it. Everybody recognised me as a big industri­alist and I too thought of becoming one day as great as the Tatas.

But, then my father came and knocked me from my sleep. It had already become quite late. Now I realised that it was all a dream which too had remained incomplete. Anyway I still believe that it is how I shall spend and invest if and when I chance to inherit a legacy of a lakh of rupees.