338 Words Essay on The Person I Hate the Most

Hate is a very strong word. So it feels a little awkward to say that I hate a particular person. But there are certain types of people who are easy to hate. For me, such people include hypocrites, people who abuse women and children, people who gossip and backbite, and people who are greedy.

I also hate most politicians. One finds hypocrites everywhere who preach one thing and practice another. They will lecture you about morals and good behavior but on the sly they will do the very things they inveigh against.

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Some religious leaders fit this bill. The Shankaracharya case in Tamilnadu, the Abhaya case in Kerala is all examples of the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of religious leaders. Bangladeshi writer, Taslima Nasreen has also accused the Muslim clergy of hypocrisy.

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Then there are the people who abuse women and children, the most vulnerable sections of society. Husbands drink and abuse their wives. Sometimes they kill them for dowry. Fathers abuse their minor daughters. Teachers abuse their innocent students. Employers abuse female employees.

Mothers-in-law abuse their daughters-in-law. It is very difficult not to hate such people. They inspire contempt and rage in me. People who gossip and backbite are despicable. Such people are generally good for nothing and so they try to bring others down to their level. You can find them in many offices and neighborhoods.

Their tongues have the power to destroy people’s happiness and peace of mind. Politicians are among the most reviled people in this country. One has only to see the mess they have made of this country to understand why. So there is no dearth of people to hate in this world.


But the problem with hate is that if you nurture it in your heart, you will find yourself becoming angry and bitter. So hate if you wish but try to exorcise it from your system through a painting or a poem. There is nothing like art to neutralize hate. It can even transform it into a thing of beauty.


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