14 Precautions A Researcher Should Keep in Mind While Preparing the Research Report

A research report forms a channel of communication between the research findings given by researcher on the one hand and the readers of the report on the other hand and effective communication of research findings to the readers is the basic task of the research report.

Hence researcher should keep in mind the following precautions while preparing the research report:

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1. The length of the report should be kept keeping in view the fact that it should cover the subject in length but it should be short enough to maintain the interest of readers.


2. The report should not be dull. It should be such as to sustain one’s interest.

3. The report should possess the features of simplicity and avoiding vagueness.

4. Readers of the report are more interested in acquiring a quick knowledge of the main findings and the report should provide a ready availability of the findings with the help of charts, graphs and statistical tables.

5. The contents of the report should be well thought out keeping in view the objective of the research problem.

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6. The grammatical mistakes should be avoided and the report should be prepared strictly in accordance with the techniques of composition of report. Writing such as the use of quotations, foot notes, proper punctuations and the use of abbreviations in the foot notes etc.

7. Logical analysis should be the very basis of preparing a research report.

8. The report should also suggest the policy implication relating to the problem under consideration and should help us in future forecasting.


9. All the technical data should be appended in the report.

10. A list of bibliography of various sources consulted for the research study should be prepared and be given in the report.

11. A good report should also possess an index of subjects and authors as well. It should be appended at the end of the report.

12. Report should be attractive in shape, neat and clean whether typed or printed.

13. Calculated confidence limits must also be mentioned in the report and the various limitations experienced by the researcher in his study should be stated in the report.

14. A good report should also mention the objective of the study the nature of the problem the methods and analysis techniques used. All these things should be given in the form of introduction in the report.

Thus after describing all the things related with the interpretation and report writing, we should always keep in view the fact that the process of writing a report is an art which is learnt by practice and experience.


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