Differences between “Social Change” and “Social Evolution” – Explained

Sometimes, Social Change is confused with social evolution. However, it is certainly different from evolution in several aspects. Evolution is a slow, continuous and natural process of change taking place over a considerably long tenure of time.

Social change is complex process of change of in entire community of people. The difference between Social Change and Social Evolution can be explained as follows:

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1. Evolution is a slow process of change:

It takes place at a slow pace and it is different from sudden or rapid and planned changes. In contrast, of Social Change can be slow or fast. It can be evolutionary as well as revolutionary.

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2. Evolution involves continuous and slow changes:


In other words, it does not stop at any terminal of social life. It contrast social change can be continuous or a revolutionary big change in the social structure.

3. Evolution leads to changes only after a very long time:

It takes a very long time to materialize a change in certain things. But in social change, certain changes may take place in less time while certain others a considerable length of time.

4. Evolution is a natural process of change in society:

Under it, changes come but are not made. Changes take place in a natural manner. On the other hand, social change can be natural as well as a planned and organised change in various spheres of social life.


In this way, Social Change is quite different from evolution. It is broader and has wider scope than evolution.


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