Difference between Extra-Judicial Remedies and Judicial Remedies

Extra-judicial Remedies

1. They do not require process of law.

2. Sometimes the plaintiff may use reasonable force.

3. Immediate relief is available.


4. In most of the remedies compensation will not be available.

5. The extra-judicial remedies are accepted by law, until the remedies are within the reasonable limits.

6. Extra-judicial remedies are: (a) Expulsion of trespasser; (b) Re-entry on land; (c) Recaption of goods; (d) Distress damage feasant;

(e) Abatement of nuisance.

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Judicial Remedies

1. They require process of law.

2. There is no chance of using force.


3. Some delay is caused to get the relief due to the procedures of the Courts.

4. In most of the remedies, compensation and other reliefs are available.

5. All judicial remedies are accepted by the law.

6. The Judicial Remedies are: (a) Damages; (b) Injunctions; and (c) Specific Restitution of Property or Specific Performance.