Short Essay on Karunanidhi

M. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who captured power in the last State Assembly elections in 2006. His main plank was to distribute free colour TVs to the people.

The DMK led by Karunanidhi enjoys the support of Congress and the Left parties. Chennai witnessed unprecedented violence in October, 2006, when the Municipal Corporation elections were held.

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Supporters of the DMK captured polling booths, drove out poll officers and party agents at knife point and stuffed the ballot boxes with ballot papers after voting for their party candidates. The rival candidates belonging to AIADMK, CPI (M) were assaulted.

Tamil Nadu is one of the frontline States in the role of economic development, but this could easily slide, if efficient administration is lacking. Karunanidhi is also trying to lobby for constitutional amendment by which the reservation of the Dalits, OBCs and others can go beyond 69%.


As earlier stated, Karunanidhi is the undisputed patriarch of Tamil Nadu and as of now not a leaf stirs without his nod. He is 85+ and in failing health. The Tamil Nadu politics is now due for a major transformation because both Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha are fading stars. The vacuum will be ultimately filled in with the appearance of new character.

Karunanidhi earned the wrath and anger of Hindus with his comments pertaining to Lord Ram when he uttered despicable and unwarranted words. He has aligned himself closely to the ruling UPA, and is also promoting all members of his family to take over his political mantle.


His daughter has become Member of Parliament and the son has been entrusted with responsible position. He continues to be in full control of the situation and unrelenting in his opposition to his adversary Jayalalitha.

He has now declared his son Stalin as heir-apparent. It may be mentioned here that the four southern states of India have achieved Millennium Development goals set in 2000 by the U.N. ahead of the target year of 2015; The BIMARU states and other are away from goal according to a review.


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